Zain All Best internet Package Codes

Zain All Best internet Package Codes

    • In Saudi Arabia, Zain is currently offering free internet to its users through its 5G network. We have some tricks to share with you on how to access unlimited 5G Zain free internet without any charge. Please note that this offer is available for a limited time only and may not be available throughout the year 2023. Jobs24pk

Below are the working Zain free internet codes you can try:

1. Zain 80GB Free Internet Code: Send 8TB Activation Code to 959

2. Zain 50GB Free Internet Code (Yearly Offer): Send 5Lb Activation Code to 959

3. Zain 10GB Free Internet Code: Send 10BC Activation Code to 959

4. Zain 1GB Free Internet Code: Send 1BC Activation Code to 959

Zain 80GB Free Internet Code:

With this new Zain offer, you can enjoy 80GB of free internet data. These MBs have no time limits or service restrictions. As long as you have a Zain SIM and access to 5G signals, you can enjoy the benefits of this Zain 80GB free internet code.

Zain 10GB Free Internet Code:

If the 80GB code doesn’t work on your phone, you can try the Zain 10GB free internet code. Although this code has no time limits, it does come with some service restrictions. You can only use these MBs for social apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook.

Zain 50GB Free Internet Code:

Now you can also get a 50GB free internet code for free. The Zain 50GB code will work once a year, so give it a try to see if you are selected for this free promotional offer from Zain.

Zain Free Internet Gifting:

You can also gift these free internet MBs to your friends and family. Just dial *959*4*13*number#, replacing “number” with the recipient’s phone number, and you can gift them 1GB of data.

Zain 4G Official 600GB Gift:

If you’re interested in getting 600GB of 5G internet officially from Zain Saudi Arabia, you can do so by purchasing any smartphone from Zain. Visit the nearest Zain franchise to know more details about this offer.

More Tricks to Get Zain Internet for Free:

1. Install Zain App:

You can get 6GB of free data by installing the My Zain app from the Play Store. This offer is valid for first-time usage only. Follow these steps to get free 6GB from Zain:

– Open the Play Store.

– Search for the Zain app.

– Click install and wait for the installation to finish.

– Open the Zain app.

– Create a new account with your Zain number.

– After logging in to your account, you will see free 6000MB in the app.

2. Daily Rewards:

Another way to get more free internet data is to use the My Zain app daily. You can claim free 20MB-500MB for free every day. Follow these steps to use this method:

– Open the Zain app on your phone.

– Click on “Rewards.”

– Click on “Shuffle.”

– Then click on any bubble.

– You will receive a congratulatory message with free internet data.

Note: Use this daily to get more 4G/5G internet, like 500MB, etc.

3. Zain New SIM Offer:

Zain is offering a complete package for new SIM owners, including 2GB internet, 1GB for WhatsApp, 1GB for Facebook, and 1000 Zain minutes for 7 days. To activate this offer, follow these steps after activating the SIM:

– Dial *10#.

– Wait for the confirmation message. The offer will be activated.

4. Zain Free VPN Trick:

To use the internet for free with a VPN, follow these steps:

– Open the Play Store.

– Search for Yoga VPN.

– Download and install this VPN.

– Open it and connect.

– Now download UC Mini.

– You will get free browsing internet with UC Mini.

Zain Unlimited Free Internet Trick 2023:

Zain’s free internet trick is for Zain prepaid users. Use the Zain free internet code and enjoy free internet on the Zain network in Saudi Arabia. The Zain free internet code allows you to get free internet on a Zain SIM card without needing to recharge your mobile phone.

Please note that using tricks to access free internet may be against the law and can potentially damage your mobile phone. We do not recommend using such methods.

How to Get 6GB from My Zain App:

Only new users who are not already registered on the My Zain app can get 6GB of free internet data by creating a new account.

Remember, using these tricks may have legal implications, and it’s essential to respect the terms and conditions set by the service provider. Enjoy the best quality internet responsibly, and thank you for reading.

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