Mobily Unlimited Social Media All Package

To activate the Mobily Unlimited Social Media All Package, you typically need to follow these steps:

1. Check Availability:

Ensure that the package is currently available and suitable for your mobile plan.

2. Subscription Method:

There are usually several ways to subscribe, including through the Mobily website, mobile app, or by dialing a specific code.


  1. Send 441 to 1100 – Daily = 4Riyal
  2. Send 447 to 1100 – Weekly = 20Riyal
  3. Send 440 to 1100 – Monthly = 60Riyal

3. Dialing Code:

If subscribing via dialing a code, enter the appropriate code provided by Mobily for activating the Unlimited Social Media All Package.

  1. *441# for Daily = 4Riyal
  2. *447# for Weekly = 20Riyal
  3. *440# for Monthly = 60Riyal

Mobily free internet

4. Confirmation:

After entering the code, you’ll likely receive a confirmation message confirming your subscription to the package.

5. Usage:

Once activated, you should be able to enjoy unlimited access to social media platforms included in the package.

If you’re unsure about any step or need assistance, it’s advisable to contact Mobily’s customer service for guidance.

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